Exhibition Article

Create a Budget Worksheet.

A budget will provide the basis for measuring and establishing your return on investment.

Why Exhibiting at Trade Shows?

Exhibiting at the right exhibition can be one of the most efficient, effective and successful marketing activities available to you.

How Important Is a Good Exhibition Stand Design?

An exhibition is a great place for various businesses to make connections with potential new customers.

How to Design a Trade Show Booth?

Exhibitors only have between 3 and 5 seconds to grab the attendee's attention at trade shows, so having a well-designed trade show booth is critical to your success at the show.

The 10 Do's and Don'ts of Trade Show Graphics.

You decided on your new trade show display . . . but you're not done yet. Now, it's time to design the graphics. Every day we see completed graphics, many of which we feature in Past 5 Days. Some amaze us. Others not so much.

Think, Feel, Do: The Trade Show Marketer’s Loop

When you open up your body, you not only occupy more space, your confidence level gets a major boost.

Ten ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

When attending a trade show, how can you make sure your exhibition stand attracts the right visitors?

How Exhibition Stand Contractors Can Help to Your Business

If your business is attending an upcoming event or trade show then believe us when we say putting down the money and hiring a team of exhibition stand contractors will be a worthwhile investment, rather than say purchasing a "pop up" or "banner" stand on a budget.

Top Ten Tips for Successful Exhibiting

Wondering how to plan your exhibit program to maximize your show results?

Exhibition Tips for Greater Impact

Create Buzz and Enhance Show Sales with these Exhibition Tips

3 Simple Tips on Powerful and Persuasive Speech

“It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good, impromptu speech.” Mark Twain, American Author and Humorist

How to get the most from exhibiting

Visitors at a trade show75% of visitors to trade shows and exhibitions are there to buy, or planning to buy. Katy Roberts of JobServe Events explains how to catch their attention.

The green guide to exhibiting

Green exhibitions - recycling symbol Exhibitions used to be highly wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. But all that is changing. Rachel Miller reveals how to make your exhibition stand more sustainable

Preparing to exhibit

A calendar marking 15th September Exhibiting at trade shows can be a good way of raising your profile and generating sales leads, but it's not cheap. Tom Whitney finds out how to get the most for your investment.



Use Subcontractors to Build Your Business

Create a scalable business without additional overhead by hiring subcontractors to handle your extra work.

A step by step guide to planning your Exhibition

Three main steps guide to planning your Exhibition

Research & find the right Event

A budget will provide the basis for measuring and establishing your return on investment.


Choose the right event for your business.

5 Good Reasons why you should Exhibit

If you’ve ever been to an exhibition you know that an exhibition hall can be an exciting place. You have instant access to new companies, new people, new technologies, new ideas and new trends.

7 Tips on How to Get the Most Out Of Exhibitions

Tips on How to Get the Most Out Of Exhibitions