Promotional kiosks and displays

Retail kiosks are an integral part of store designs and the customer experience. Looking to find kiosks manufacturers for store expansions, renovations or other upcoming design projects? 
Exporoad can help you with Creatively designed Stalls (Kiosk)  inside Shopping Mall for Brand Identity and Brand Awareness shows.
The material selection, visual aesthetics, and the touch and feel of the kiosk are often the most important features, yet commonly glossed over. We consult with a lengthy attribute session to fully grasp the intangible “feel” that our customer is looking for. The kiosk floor position, touch height, tip-over force, security protection, and durability are all considerations when preparing the design.
Kiosks need to be durable and attractive to draw consumers to your product. Visual appearance and ease of use are critical. Using Pro-Engineer and Solid works paired with knowledgeable and talented engineers, Exporoad is able to create cutting edge kiosk designs specific to the needs of each client. We can create standalone or integrated kiosk systems, and we have plenty of experience doing so.
We can caters retail and project display requirements such as Retail Window Displays, Podium and Kiosk Stands, Exhibition Stands, Custom Made In shop  Wooden Displays and Graphical Branding in all Surfaces.
  • Jewelry Showcases
  • Mall Kiosk
  • Watch Showcase
  • Museum Display
  • Cosmetic Display
  • Optical Display
  • Clothing Displays
  • Perfume Display
  • Electronics Display
  • Handbag Display
  • Shoe Display
  • 2018 New Product

Kiosk Display stand