Special Octanorm System

Special Octanorm System
Maxima Stands
If you wish to see diversity and elegance together, you can find what you are looking for maxima stands. Maxima stands are VIP-class in modular systems with aesthetic lines, elegant appearance, and unique design. Maxima Stands add distinction to your brand as they provide memorability in fair environment. Maxima stand is the outstanding ideal system for the reason that it is the system to reflect as the best the special wood modules.
 Octanorm – perfectly thought out
The new system has been designed for creating a simple, yet sophisticated exhibition booth, without the need for carpentry, painting, or even tools. Furthermore, the intelligent design enables all types of accessories to be incorporated into the system.
When you choose it, you take advantage of our years of experience, to create brand value for your company, by showcasing a respectable exhibition booth.
For using a variety of accessories
Countertops, stands, cabinets, shelves, rack, light boxes, signs, windows and billboards, can be nicely incorporated into any Tetris exhibition booth.

 This well-engineered system requires minimal labor force, time, and energy. The low weight of the structure also reduces transportation cost.

For spherical form and curvature 

Our system effectively supports your demand for a creative, unique, and memorable design, with dynamic curvature, to help you successfully market your company.

Shell Scheme Stands