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Ibex 2024 Iran

Ibex 2024 Iran
Date:  18 - 21 September 2024
Venue:  Tehran Int'l Permanent Fairground, Iran


Ibex (Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition)
The International Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition

With the Goals:
1: Acculturation and alteration of flour and bread production and consumption.
2: Increasing the trade and investment activities in flour and bakery industry in support of construction and development of domestic industrial bakery units.
3: An organized movement in private sector of the production and supply chain of raw materials for bread production.
4: Creating a platform to provide maximum capacity and capabilities of domestic companies & industries.
5: Creating a new stage for interaction and cooperation in flour and bakery industry.

1: Standardization in manufacturing and trading activities, in the field of flour and bakery industry.
2: Standards observation on bread production process and the machines.
3: In compliance with the principle of independence of machinery associated with production of flour and bread.

Ibex is a unique event which attracts:
-Industrial Bread Producers
-Manufacturers of Bakery Machineries & Equipment
-Sweet Bread and Cake Producers
-Producers and Distributors of Confectionary Equipment
-Flour Producers
-Manufacturers of Flour Producing Machineries & Equipment
-Yeast and Improver Producers
-Silo Makers
-Producers of Related Laboratory Equipment
-Producers of Enzymes used in Nutrition Industries
-Producers of Related Decorations
-Manufacturers of Food Emulsifiers
-Manufacturers of Bread Packaging Machineries & Equipment
-Producers of Coffee and Additive Grains
-Related Work Clothes Providers
-Flour and Bakery Industry Consultants
-Related Unions and Organizations
-Related Press and Industries
-Grains Processing Companies

Number of visit : 8,576

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