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IRAN PROJECT 2017 (24 - 27 April 2017​) Tehran-Iran

IRAN PROJECT 2017 (24 - 27 April 2017​) Tehran-Iran
 Date: 24 - 27 April 2017
 Venue Tehran International Fairground/Tehran/Iran

 PROJECT IRAN is a 4 day event being held from 24th June to the 27th April 2017 at the Tehran permanent fair in Tehran, Iran. This event showcases products like offers exhibitors and visitors select addresses in Stuttgart, the Filder region and in the towns in the surrounding area of the new Stuttgart trade fair centre etc. in the Industrial Products industry

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Unlocking a Wealth of Potential in the World’s Last Untapped Markets

Building on the success of its second edition that was held in 2016, Project Iran firmly established itself as a premier international platform for to open gates for International business to Iran’s construction sector. Project Iran 2017, The 3rd International Trade Exhibition for Construction Materials, Equipment and Technology, will be held at the Tehran Permanent Fairground to once again connect international expertise to the Iranian market, and contribute in shaping the tremendous potential of the country’s promising construction sector.

Connecting World Expertise to the Iranian Market

With international interest on the rise, the event will bring thousands of leading manufacturers, exporters from all over the world, industry professionals, to share a common vision and shape what will become the next regional economic giant, while at the same time offering them a guaranteed access to Iran’s multibillion dollar construction market.


Why Exhibit


First Time Opportunities for First Time Comers to the Market


Companies that took a strategic choice to venture into the opening Iranian market and participated in the first edition of Project Iran have made a winning bet. With more and more international firms keen to take advantage of the situation making plans to target Iran’s construction market, Project Iran provides you with the a head start in the race to the numerous opportunities in Iran’s construction sector and projects’ market.


Acquire hands-on knowledge about the Iranian construction market and the challenges and opportunities it presents

Meet new prospective buyers and suppliers and present your new products to existing clients

Network with the country's top construction companies and decision makers

The number of ongoing mega-projects means that many multinational firms have the chance to establish a presence in the country

Iran’s strategic geographical location in the region allows it to cater to the entire region

Increasing private investment provides opportunities for large foreign contractors to increase their involvement in the country

Iran remains a 'construction safe heaven' amid both wider political and financial turmoil in the region

Iran Business Opportunities

The Last Untapped Grand Market in the World for stand design and construction please contact our Exporoad creative team .

The past 10 years have seen global investors reach into previously untapped markets looking for new opportunities, and today the time has come for a new market to take the spot. According to many international experts and prominent economists, Iran represents the last such opportunity globally. With ample natural resources, a diversified economy, a skilled young workforce and rising demand across all sectors, post-sanctions Iran will dramatically change the global economy by unlocking one of the world’s last untapped markets for new business.



“Opening the Iranian economy means USD 600 billion to USD 800 billion in new investment opportunities over the next decade”

Nasser Saidi, ‏MENA Economist, Adviser & Consultant


Rising demand across all sectors, Place your business at the right spot




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