Building Customized Stands & Pavilions

Customized exhibition stands give you the freedom to choose innovative design with unique structure without limitation in materials. The exhibitors like instantly draw the attention of visitors, which is necessary to stand out on a competitive market platform. By custom stands you will have the opportunity to experience some innovative designs and come up with something that is both creative and unique.


Working closely with our exhibition stand designers, our production team mockup will display stand elements to ensure consistency from final exhibition design to on-site structural construction. Each member of the production team is a highly experienced and skilled craftsman who specializes in exhibition stand building.

Our attention to detail and level of quality can be seen throughout the display stand building process. This is also added to our professional and personal services which ensure our clients’ needs are met beyond their expectations.

Services also extend to Exhibition stand storage, utilizing our warehouse facility. Storing a display stand enables us to safely maintain the quality and finish of all the exhibition stand elements for future installation.


Pavilion Stands

Pavilion stands are the representation of each country which is very important to make a positive impression. Exporoad designers have the expertise to balance the large scope of building impressive overall structure and the small details of individual exhibitor spaces in your pavilions. Country pavilions are usually the reflection of the culture, religion, way of living, and other attributes that distinguish that country. The impactful presentations conveyed by each country pavilion come complete with distinguishing design elements inspired by their unique culture. Pavilions per the budget of exhibitors can be designed differently.

Recent Work