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Iran Conmin 2024

Iran Conmin 2024
Date:  Probably November 2024
Venue:  Tehran Int'l Permanent Fairground, Iran


Iran - a key region for the industry
Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa and the most heavily populated country in the region.
It has a developed and distinct economic structure in a strategically important region with more than 300 million consumers. The Iranian economy is further stabilizing and is forecast to grow.
The lifting of the nuclear-related sanctions and a more business oriented environment get Iran becoming the preferred trading partner in almost every industry. Especially in the construction and mining sector a positive development is expected. Machinery, plants and equipment need to be modernized in the Iranian construction industry, while in the traffic infrastructure, there is great need for investment in road construction as well as for the expansion and modernization of airports, ports and rail mass transit and mainline systems.
The mining sector is also regarded as a sunrise industry because of Iran‘s resource wealth. Since the Near Eastern country wants to extensively expand its metal industry, this will require a comprehensive expansion of mining. For example, Iran has large deposits of iron ore, copper and zinc. The extraction of marble also plays an important role.

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