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Pharmaceutical & Technology 2021 Dubai, UAE

Pharmaceutical & Technology 2021 Dubai, UAE
Date:  09 - 11 March 2021
Venue:  International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE


Dubai Pharmaceutical & Technologies Conference & Exhibition is an international event focusing on the overall development of the Pharmaceutical industries worldwide. The event aims at increasing the overall domestic production along with the active participation of all stakeholders.
The event supports the Make in India campaign by promoting all pharma products to be made and manufactured using only Indian industries. The event covers whole pharmaceutical processes from raw materials to its manufacturing.
It serves as the convergence point for pharmacists, physicians, scientists, marketing professionals, researchers, paramedical professionals, drug developers, dealers, agents, manufacturers, distributors, medical representatives, clinicians, pharmaceutical analysts & consultants, product specialists, key decision makers, pharmacy practitioners, trade visitors & academia.

Number of visit : 537

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