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Army 2022 Kubinka Alabino

Army 2022 Kubinka Alabino
International Miltary-Technical Forum «ARMY-2022»
Date:  15 - 21 August 2022
Venue:  Kubinka Air Base, Alabino Military Training Grounds


Why Forum “ARMY-2022” can be your first step for making business in Russia?

Russian industrial and defence markets are believed to be self-sufficient and closed for the foreign companies but nevertheless Russian producing companies are constantly searching for the best offer possible in terms of advanced technology and quality components for their products.

If you are thinking about approaching the Russian industry market and would like to have your product included in the supply chain in Russian industrial and defence products International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2022” could become your best opportunity to demonstrate your outstanding products and negotiate directly with the representatives of Russian defence and civil industries.

In 2022 we offer to our international exhibitors the unique possibility to have direct negotiations with the representatives of Russian defence and civil industries by pre-arranged match-making.

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