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The Asia Pacific Floor Fair 2024

The Asia Pacific Floor Fair 2024
Floor Industry Fair
Date:  10 - 12 May 2024
Venue:  Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China


Exhibition Overview
The 14th Asia-Pacific Floor Fair in 2024 is scheduled to be held from May 10 to 12, 2024 in Guangzhou Pazhou, Poly World Trade Center Expo. The exposition covers an area of 50000 square meters, with over 500 well-known exhibitors, over 10000 new/hot-sale products, over 60000 attendees, and more than 10 related events.

The Asia-Pacific Floor Fair (CGFF), after more than a decade of accumulation, as well as its exhibition organizing ability, coordination, appeal, and 13 years of influence in the floor industry, has long been hailed as the “Wind Vane of the Floor Circle” in the industry. From product display, technical exchange, program investigation, and engineering procurement, CGFF has provided docking services for over 10000 customers and has worked with numerous real estate developers, design institutes, construction enterprises, and the construction material markets, with whom CGFF has established a long-term and stable cooperative development relationship. In addition, the exhibition organizers bring together various brands in the detailed field of the floor industry, hold multiple theme conferences and practical operations to gather industry voices, and jointly explore new industry ideas to promote innovative development of the floor industry. At the same time, a series of events are launched at the exhibition, and the organizers use it as a medium to help promote industry brands, attract customers, and promote the economic development of the floor industry.

Industry Development trend
With the continuous development of China's economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the Chinese government is vigorously promoting a new round of technological infrastructure construction and expanding domestic demand, including basic fields such as highways, airports, subways, etc. As an important component of infrastructure construction in these fields, the floor economy is constantly expanding and showing a trend of rapid growth in the context of increasingly widespread market demand. According to relevant data, the global industrial floor material market has reached 100 billion US dollars at present, while the Chinese floor material market has reached 20 billion RMB and is still in a high-speed development stage. The future market potential is still very huge.

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