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FILO Int'l Yarns 2024 Milan Italy

FILO Int'l Yarns 2024 Milan Italy
International b2b trade show dedicated to yarns and fabrics
Date:  28 - 29 February 2024
Venue:  MiCo – Milano Convention Centre, Italy


Filo is the only international b2b trade show dedicated to yarns and fibers for woven and knitted fabrics for apparel, furnishing and technical fabrics. Filo starts in 1993, launched by a small group of committed entrepreneurs from the Biella district, worldwide famous for its textile industry. From the beginning Filo fashioned a clearly recognizable identity. Each of its features is strategically aimed to highlight the excellence of yarns and products from the most innovative Italian and worldwide companies.

At the most right time
Filo’s choice of dates in the international fairs calendar guarantees a constant flow of professionals visitors.

An effective Agenda
Filo is a two-days b2b trade show, where top of the range yarns are effectively presented to high profile clients, buyers and visitors.

Successful matching
During the two-days trade show, Filo organizes many events – both formal and informal – aimed at matching yarns and fibers demand and supply.

Efficient trade show layout Filo enjoys an efficient and rational layout, aimed at giving companies the best solutions to show their products and yarn collections.

Number of visit : 5,079

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