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Date:  Probably June 2024
Venue:  Tehran International permanent Fairground, Iran


The 15th International Exhibition of Financial Industries (Exchange, Bank & Insurance) | Iran Finex 2024

The economic conditions of the country in the past few years has been in such condition that the need to establish direct and unmediated communication and increase financial knowledge among the finance market managers, decision makers and economic activists of the country, as well as the whole finance community, is very much needed.

The creation of economic turmoil, cruel sanctions and the occurrence of international conflicts have made it necessary to upgrade the position of the country's financial industry more than before. Therefore, the annual gathering of market players, managers and those interested in this field in the form of the international exhibition of the financial industry (Exchange, Bank and Insurance) has become a long-standing tradition and a familiar name.

By divine power, the International Exhibition of Financial Industries (Exchange, Bank & Insurance) | Iran Finex 2024 as the largest financial event in the Middle East region and one of the most important gatherings of economic activists in the country has reached its 15th station.

The logical presence of the three influential sides of the financial markets, including the banks, the insurance market and the capital market, together has been able to create a rich and content-rich exhibition in its past periods, and has made potential cooperation for the financing of projects, increasing the knowledge and investment insight of economic actors.

Number of visit : 8,116

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