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Festival De La Infancia 2020 Barcelona, Spain

Festival De La Infancia 2020 Barcelona, Spain
Date:  27 - 30 December 2019 / 02 - 04 january 2020
Venue:  Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona Children's Festival is renaming itself as Ciutat de Somnis (City of Dreams). This Festival has been celebrated in Barcelona since 1963 and has been a hugely popular event, as proven by the fact that last year there were over 100,000 visitors, 170 activities and 95 participants across 11 acres of space. This year, children can enjoy games and workshops, practise sports, get to know the value of solidarity, and learn about the world of art, culture and technology. Don’t miss out! It is a unique event that transmits the important values in a fun environment. Children will learn values such as healthy eating, respect for animals and the environment while inspiring them in a creative manner. Entering a mysterious forest, joining a pirate ship crew and being a fire-fighter or police officer for a day are just some of the things they will enjoy!

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