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BBTC Mena 2020 Bahrain

BBTC Mena 2020 Bahrain
Middle East Catalyst Technology Conference
Date:  08 - 10 December 2020
Venue:  Online


BBTC Mena 2020 Bahrain
This year BBTC MENA & ME-CAT 2020 will be held online and will include residue  Middle East Catalyst Technology Conference 8–10 December Bahrain .
The growing importance of residue upgrading is clear to see. Today, competition in the petroleum refining industry continues to grow; therefore refiners are looking to minimise fuel oil production by means of integrating deep conversion processes into their asset configuration. In the current market, simple refinery configurations are no longer competitive and residue upgrading is an essential design feature in any world-class refinery complex. Increasing conversion and consequently curbing low-value fuel oil production, is without a doubt, a key challenge for many existing and grassroot refining facilities. Yet, since there is a whole range of commercially proven deep conversion technologies, it is up to each refinery to select an optimum process configuration based on their specific features and requirements.

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