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Futurmoda 2018 , Elche , Spain

Futurmoda 2018 , Elche , Spain
Date:  17/18 October 2018
Venue:    iFA exhibition center (iFA), Elche,  Spain


FUTURMODAFeria internacional de componentes y curtidos para el calzado. 17 Y 18 de Octubre de 2018 IFA (Elche.Alicante)

Futurmoda it’s the international leather event, components and machinery for the shoe making, where we could find a wide range of handmade items with the best leather, shoe fabrics, and all kinds of accessories for shoes such as> heels, lasts, soles, decorations, moulds…


In Futurmoda there will be more than 2.000 colecctions of the product that will be shown nationally and internationally that have also the chance of presenting their next season products to the public.

Futurmoda is an event that illustrates products like fashionable handbags, footwear, travel ware, leather garments, fashion accessories and lifestyle products, tanning articles, fabrics for footwear and leather goods and all kinds of footwear accessories such as heels, lasts, soles, ornaments, braids, molds, innovative design ideas, and wide range of leather products etc.

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