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Solar & Wind Tech Asia 2020 - 2021 Pakistan

Solar & Wind Tech Asia 2020 - 2021 Pakistan
Date:  8 - 10 November 2020 / 20 - 22 March 2021
Venue:  Lahore Expo Center, Pakistan / Karachi Expo Center, Pakistan


The world witnessed economic growth and prosperity since the industrial revolution mainly due to increased e ciencies in the use of better and higher concentrations of energy in fossil fuels. The excessive usage has comparatively increased the consumption rate of fossil fuel over its production, resultantly impacting human life and modern technological society which currently is heavily dependent on oil as a fuel. The development of the renewable energy sources is imperative to avoid complete dependence on crude oil and many countries blessed with renewable energy natural resources are rapidly turning towards clean fuel.
Pakistan is among such countries which is abundantly blessed by nature with renewable energy like wind and solar. Pakistan, being on the Sun Belt, is highly suitable for generation of electricity through solar. Global irradiation falling on the horizontal surface is about 1,800-2,200 kWh/m2 per year. At current e ciency levels of 18% for solar modules this is su cient to produce 0.320 to 0.400 MWh of electricity per m2 per year (Source: German National Meteorological Service – DWD). With huge availability of sunlight, Sindh holds a great potential for extensive exploitation of solar energy for not only agriculture but also for the extensive use of environmental-friendly alternative energy for households. Sindh according to the wind date gathered by the Pakistan Meteoro- logical Department (MET Department), the coastal belt of Sindh has huge potential for the development of wind energy projects. The ‘wind corridor’ of Sindh stretches from Keti Bandar to Gharo and is capable of producing 50,000 MW of electricity.

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