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Shoes Premiere 2022 Moscow Russia

Shoes Premiere 2022 Moscow Russia
The International Footwear Exhibition Euro Shoes
Date:  30 August - 02 September, 2022
Venue:  Moscow, Russia


2022 edition of Euro Shoes Premiere Collection will be held at Sokolniki Park, Moscow starting on 01th March.

Presentation of the European footwear brands from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria, France, Slovenia, Finland, Turkey, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland, as well as from Australia, Brazil, Israel and the United States.
The event’s schedule is one of the main advantages of the presentation. Only here buyers can be the first to see the next season’s collections almost a year before the start of the season and make timely orders.
The uniqueness of the presentation is the fact that European manufacturers bring their collections to Euro Shoes exhibition before showing them at home – in Europe shoe exhibitions take place much later.

Number of visit : 5,507

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