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Wedding Fashion 2024 Russia​

Wedding Fashion 2024 Russia​
Date:  21 - 23 March 2024
Venue:  Moscow, Russia


The biggest trade bridal show in Russia, central Asia and East Europe. More than 20 years we gather designers and manufacturers of bridal, occasional, groom`s wear, accessories and fabrics from all over the world. Every time the show is visited by thousands of professionals from all over the world.

WEDDING FASHION MOSCOW (WFM) is the biggest and oldest bridal fashion trade show in Russia and ex-soviet union countries. The fair is organized in the Russian Exhibition Center, Hall 75 that is one of the most modern and comfortable exhibition halls in Russia. The area of the show is 11200 sq.m. Our company was the first to launch the trade bridal fair in Russia and keeps its leading position on the Russian market.

New opportunities for wedding planners
Last year tendencies are showing a great growing interest of bridal shops in Russia to collaborate with wedding planners and agencies from Europe and other countries. Being a mediator between a bride of your shop who wants to spent her honeymoon or even wedding ceremony abroad (following the statistics of 2015, 56% of Russian brides prefer to celebrate the most important event in their life on the Italian beaches or French castles) and a wedding planner, gives an opportunity to increase the profit in your bridal business. In the meantime wedding planners signing contract with Russian bridal shops get the whole year customers from Russia. Mutually profitable business, isn't it?


Number of visit : 7,201

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