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PTM Travel Market 2024 Pakistan

PTM Travel Market 2024 Pakistan
International Travel and Tourism Expo
Date:  16 - 19 October 2024
Venue:  Expo Center Karachi, Pakistan


Pakistan Travel Mart – Introduction

Welcome to Pakistan’s leading travel trade show. Pakistan Travel Mart (PTM) is a broad-spectrum travel and tourism event that connects all stakeholders of mobility in Pakistan including travel, tourism and hospitality. PTM is a platform to promote inbound, outbound and domestic travel in Pakistan and explore prospects in Pakistani market. PTM shall integrate all segments of mobility to create synergies hence generating business and creating value for its participants.

PTM inspires the belief that Pakistan is rising and world’s sixth largest country is all set for further integration with rest of the world. The travel and tourism industry direct contribution to the country’s economy in currently in excess of Rs 500 billion and this number is projected to surpass Rs 1 trillion in 2025. This opens an entire world of opportunities and possibilities.

Become a part of Pakistan Travel Mart to explore these endless possibilities.

Number of visit : 6,150

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