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Expo Live in 2020 Dubai, UAE

Expo Live in 2020 Dubai, UAE
Date:  20 October 2020 - 10 April 2021
Venue:  Dubai, UAE


What is Expo Live?

The Great Exhibitions of the past brought new concepts to the world: objects, ideas and knowledge that have forever changed our perspective. They opened the door to the unknown; they challenged nations, industries and budding entrepreneurs alike, to design, to create and to explore.

Inspired by the same spirit and passion, Expo Live will be a significant new source of solutions to some of the world’s outstanding challenges that continue to limit our progress towards more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive communities. Expo Live defines concrete challenges, supports projects with demonstrated benefits for communities and rewards outstanding achievements and innovations.

The theme of Expo 2020 Dubai, Connecting Minds, Creating the Future emphasizes the importance of partnerships and innovation as our best hope to build a sustainable world today and in the future. It recognizes the central importance of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability 
to the development of all countries. The convening power of Expo, combined with Dubai’s ability and motivation to facilitate and grow partnerships, will help focus the world’s best creative energies in delivering solutions in these domains and help improve our lives.

As a structured and well-orchestrated innovation and partnership programme, Expo Live introduces measurable milestones and therefore totally new ways to benchmark the impact and the innovation power of the Expo.

Why Expo Live?
Expo Live is the on-going innovation and partnership programme. It is designed to harness the convening power of a World Expo by engaging a broad array of participants to develop practical and innovative legacy solutions across Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.

Expo Live combines the intellectual process of theme development with a practical exploration of each country's most innovative projects and best ideas from the earliest stages of Expo preparation. This will ensure high-quality and truly exceptional exhibitions, but also establish the basis for each country to develop new projects and start new collaborations.

Where will Expo Live be showcased in the Expo?
Expo Live includes a rich programme of events, meetings and workshops that run throughout the Expo preparation phase and continue during the Expo. Expo Live projects will also be showcased on the Expo 2020 Dubai site.

For the first time, the site for Expo 2020 Dubai will introduce a new type of exhibition and presentation space: the Innovation Pavilion and the Innovation Labs. These will showcase the projects and the solutions inspired and supported by Expo Live through its global and unprecedented seven-year effort to encourage innovation.

These pavilions will be dynamic and thriving centres of activity during the Expo and will represent an important pole of attraction for both the communities of innovators as well as the general public.


How does Expo Live work?
Expo Live is an innovation and partnership programme that relies on four key components: workshops and events, challenges, funding and partnerships.

Workshops & Events: Expo Live includes a rich and robust programme of workshops, forums, conferences and meetings across the world to build awareness, to encourage knowledge sharing and to foster collaboration. They will take place during the years running up to Expo 2020 Dubai, with the objectives of defining and prioritising the Expo Challenges and of sharing ongoing projects and new solutions on a regular basis.

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