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WADAEF JOB FAIR 2019 Saudi Arabia

WADAEF JOB FAIR 2019 Saudi Arabia
Date:  Probably October 2019
Venue:  Saudi Arabia


Employing qualified and adequate number of people is needed to maintain the continuous growth of the national economy as well as the expansion of businesses. There are numerous means available to target a huge number of job-seekers. One such effective and efficient means conducting a job fair.

Job fairs are one of the important means by which business owners can search and recruit qualified locals. The WADAEF JOB FAIR, an initiative from the Asharqia Chamber, aims to allow businesses owners and human resources officials to meet with a large number of recent graduates and job seekers and to select the best candidates of these two groups.

The WADAEF JOB FAIR is an opportunity for the job seekers and recent graduates to compete with each other in order for the participate companies to choose the best out of these groups of people. On the other hand , the Job Fair will also provide job seekers with a chance to choose a career that meets their ambitions, capabilities and interests. Our exhibition booth designers and builders will give your brands and products a new dimension.


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