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International Textile Fair - Autumn 2017 (November 2017​) Dubai,UAE

International Textile Fair - Autumn 2017 (November 2017​) Dubai,UAE
International Textile Fair - Autumn 2017
 Date:  November 2017
 Venue:  Dubai World Trade Centre,Dubai,UAE
International Textile Fair - Autumn
The International Textile Fair (ITF) is the region’s premiere event focusing on textiles and fashion. This unique event will attract the world’s leading print design studios and will offer buyers, distributors, and designers the opportunity to view a large range of textiles from the most prestigious mills. Due to its overwhelming popularity and success, ITF will host two events, one in the autumn and one in the spring. if you need any stand design services please contact us Exporoad as contractor.  
ITF 2016 Autumn is expected to host more than 200 Exhibitors from Europe, India, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Turkey, and other high-end global manufacturers. Exhibitors and their agents will also showcase their products to the most influential buyers and designers within the UAE fashion Industry. The UAE accounts for 5.5% of the world’s annual textile and clothing sales, making it the world’s fourth largest trading centre for fashion and apparel.
ITF is a trade-only event, providing a professional atmosphere conducive to business development and networking. The fair is a great platform for designers, buyers and product developers to maintain their existing relationships and cultivate new ones.
ITF is being supported by Texmas, the Textile Merchants Group, which represents 800 Dubai wholesale textile traders. 
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