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iFood Mashhad 2024 Mashhad Iran

iFood Mashhad 2024 Mashhad Iran
Date:  Probably November 2024
Venue:  Mashhad Int'l Exhibition Center, Iran


iFood Industry International Exhibition
Mashhad city is considered one of the health tourism centers in the country after Tehran and Shiraz. The exhibition of Mashhad Medical, Dentistry, Laboratory Equipment, and Related Industries is one of the specialized and international exhibitions to help the development and progress of medicine and health tourism in the area.

The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce modern technologies and capabilities of activists and industrialists in the field of medical engineering in National and International to increase bilateral and multilateral cooperation between manufacturers and other companies in Iran, neighboring countries, Central Asia, and the Persian Gulf.

Mashhad International Exhibitions Center
Mashhad International Exhibition Company was founded in 1993 and has been operational since 1998 to develop the exhibition industry and facilitate trade exchanges in the region. The area of the exhibition is about 550,000 square meters. The operational area of the exhibition building is 250,000 square meters. The covered exhibition space is 30,000 square meters and the Open exhibition space is 22,000 square meters. The green space of the Exhibition Center is 80,000 square meters. Mashhad Exhibition Center is holding more than 60 International and specialized exhibitions per year. Mashhad Exhibition Center hosts 1 million visitors from around the world per year.

Number of visit : 7,007

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