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Digital Printing Exhibition 2024 Iran

Digital Printing Exhibition 2024 Iran
Date:  18 - 21 June 2024
Venue:  Olympic Hotel, Tehran, Iran


Where is the final destination for printing?

How the future of printing will be?

What is the role of digital printing?

These questions and many other questions are in minds of printing activists, and to answer there is no way other than thinking, experiencing, and going with the flow of changes and innovations.

Concepts like: flexibility, regarding customers taste, innovations, creativity, public relations, globalization of printing, and regarding customers’ needs are all reasons for heading toward digitalization of printing.

This is not related only to developed countries, with a look at developing countries it’s understandable that congestion of printing houses, reduction of publications, speed of data transfer, and will to personalization is the main concern of businesspersons in the field of printing and packaging. If you need any stand design services please contact us Exporoad as contractor.  


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