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METAFO 2024 Iran

METAFO 2024 Iran
Date:  23 - 26 November 2024
Venue:  Tehran International Permanent Fairground, Iran


The 20th International Exhibition of Iran METAFO

International Exhibitions provide companies with a great opportunity to showcase their brands and advantages in a spacious market and develop their network of Business partners in new regions.
We honor to host you in Iran METAFO 2024 and provide you with a full service of traveling, exhibiting, customs and all what you need. Our purpose is to organize a profitable, trouble-free, and long-lasting achievement for you.

Product Categories:
- Metafo
- Iron and Steel Technology and products
(Iron, Steel and Ferro Alloys, Minerals and Raw Materials, Steel Making Technology, Fabrication Technology, Iron and Steel Mills, Equipment and Machinery, Steel Products)
- Casting, Molding, Forging and Machine Works
(Casting Processes, Molding and Molds, Machine Works, Electro Plating, Hot Forging and Cold Forging, Welding & Shearing)
- Non-Ferrous Metals (Metalexpo)
(Aluminum, Copper, Zinc and Lead, Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Titanium, etc., Exploration, Exploitation and Refinement, Processing and Producing , Machinery and Equipment, Non-Ferrous Products, Maintenance and Repair)
- Minerals & Mining Industry ( Minexpo)
(Coal and Foundry Coke, Metallic and Non-Metallic Minerals, Mining Equipment, Consulting and Geo-Technic, Exploration and Digging, Heavy Machinery, Contractor Services)
- Furnaces, Refractories and Industrial Ceramics (Thermexpo)
(Shaped and Unshaped Refractories, Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Ceramics, Insulating and Fiber Materials, Refractory Equipment and Components)
- Industrial and Mining Projects
(Steel and Non-Ferrous Industry Projects, Mining Projects, Electricity, Water and Road Projects, Project Development and Completion, Investment and Project Funding, Contracting, Insurance, Consulting, etc.)


Number of visit : 15,250

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