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Oigatech 2024 Iraq Baghdad

Oigatech 2024 Iraq Baghdad
Iraq Oil And Gas Technology Exhibition
Date:  01 - 04 June 2024
Venue:  Baghdad International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Iraq


Iraq Oil And Gas Technology Exhibition

This edition of the Iraq Oil and Gas Technology Exhibition OIGATECH 2024 will be held 1–4 June 2024 at the Baghdad International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Baghdad, Iraq, with the Iraqi Ministry of Oil serving as the Exclusive Host.

OIGATECH 2024 is focused on the dissemination of new and current technology, best practices, and multi-disciplinary activities designed to emphasize the importance of the value chain and maximizing asset value. The knowledge, capabilities, and strengths of the participating countries and the sponsoring societies global membership, over the spectrum of multi-disciplinary technologies, are central to the success of the exhibition, Technologies are evolving at an unprecedented pace and present a significant advantage to energy companies that integrate them into their operations to drive business transformation, accelerate decision making and address decarbonization of operations, Join Leading NOCs, IOCs & IECs From Around The World in Baghdad OIGATECH 2024 exhibition provides a unique platform for interaction between leading NOCs, IOCs and IECs.

Leading energy companies from around the world convene and bring industry leading technologies and solutions to the largest oil, gas, and energy event. OIGATECH 2024 Exhibition will be a global showcase of the latest technological innovations that will enable the energy industry to focus aggressively on both capital and operational efficiency, delivering real value for the investment, as technologies becomes more deeply integrated at each stage of production.

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