Special Octanorm System

Special Octanorm System
Shell Scheme:
1. Octanorm Modular Structure / Standard Stands
2. Maxima Modular Structure
3. Structural Modular Stands
4. Space Frame System
1. Octanorm Modular Structure / Standard Stands
A shell scheme is a modular system supplied to many exhibitions in most cases by the exhibition organizers or suppliers. A shell scheme system normally comes in one-meter module and can be built to just about any size.
Exhibition organizers usually arrange shell scheme stands for exhibitors who have a small stand space or pavilions which they want to look the same.
Shell scheme Stand is very basic but with a little imagination. A simple shell scheme can be enhanced and tailored to meet exhibitors’ objectives. It is also very cost effective for the exhibitors.
One way of making your shell scheme stand out from the crowd is to add simple graphics with strong messages or cover the walls by digital print on the foam boards.
Simple carpet, furniture and a company name board might be included in the shell scheme package provided by the exhibition organizers and suppliers like Exporoad.
The new system has been designed for creating a simple, yet sophisticated exhibition booth, without the need for carpentry, painting, or even tools. Furthermore, the intelligent design enables all types of accessories to be incorporated into the system.
When you choose it, you take advantage of our years of experience, to create brand value for your company, by showcasing a respectable exhibition booth.
For Using a Variety of Accessories
Countertops, stands, cabinets, shelves, rack, light boxes, signs, windows and billboards, can be nicely incorporated into any exhibition booth.
This well-Engineered system requires minimal labor force, time, and energy. The low weight of the structure also reduces transportation cost.


2. Maxima Stands
Maxima exhibition stands, as the innovative modular stands among the other modular stands, are distinguished by their international quality approach, visual appeal and privilege, they also help people to remember your brand. Maxima exhibition stands constitute a functional, stylish and practical modular stand system that allows displaying your products more effectively. Since the products that are used can be recycled at a high rate, they are more economical than wooden (special) exhibition stands in terms of cost.
If you wish to see diversity and elegance together, you can find what you are looking for maxima stands. Maxima stands are VIP-class in modular systems with aesthetic lines, elegant appearance, and unique design. Maxima Stands add distinction to your brand as they provide memorability in fair environment. Maxima stand is the outstanding ideal system for the reason that it is the system to reflect as the best the special wood modules.


3. Structural Modular Stands

This model is combination of standard shell scheme with specific curved structures. It will make your appearance at the exhibition impressive and what you get is precisely designed and executed.

For Spherical Form and Curvature
Our system effectively supports your demand for a creative, unique, and memorable design, with dynamic curvature, to help you successfully market your company.
4. Space Frame System
Space frames allow you to create an artistic look with organic shapes, freedom of movement and cantilevers, but they also are economical—for both new construction and renovations. In general, space frames are about 30% lighter than conventional steel systems and use less material, yet are more stable. Their strength comes from the web-like structure that distributes weight evenly in all directions.
They are also easier to install, thus saving time and in turn money. Pieces are manufactured, galvanized and powder coated in the plant then assembled on-site. No field cutting or welding is needed so erection goes more quickly. The bolted connections are superior to welded construction and space frames are earthquake, hurricane and tornado approved. Plus, little or no maintenance is required for space frames. If one section needs to be replaced, you can repair just that area without disrupting the entire structure. As a result, total cost of ownership over time is less.

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