Event Organizer and Conference Management

Exporoad is the event organizer and conference management in Iran (Tehran) & UAE (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Qatar.


We work continuously to achieve your vision and make your event a memorable experience; participants and sponsors want to return. Whether you are looking for a single service, help in a few areas, or a complete meeting management package, Exporoad delivers your event with something few others can: confidence and a genuine commitment to sustainability. 
Conference & Event Management implements a master timeline for all conferences.  The timeline outlines the tasks that need to be completed on a monthly and weekly basis. The unique needs of each conference are added to this comprehensive schedule. We consider regular communication with the conference sponsor and members of the planning committee essential to keep everyone updated about each facet of the conference.


Our seasoned staff specializes in the following services:
Conference and Event Industry Concepts and Knowledge   
Conference and Event Feasibility
Event Venues and Site Selection
Business and Client Relationships
Marketing Strategies and Sponsorship
Conference and Event Budgeting
Organization and Timing, Event Staging, On-site Service
Event Protocol, Impact and Trend Final Projects
Online Registration Services
Site Selection & Contract Negotiation
Facility Coordination
Speaker Management
Budgeting & Accounting
Vendor & Exhibitor Management
Entertainment & Tours
Food & Beverage Coordination
Marketing & Promotion
Web Development

So let us manage your next event, wherever it may be. We promise to provide professional service that is second to none.
Facility Coordination
A large portion of any conference is coordination of all the events that take place at the meeting venue. Pre-conference planning, on-site management, and post-conference closing are vital to the programmatic and financial success of the meeting.
Solicit bids for the site selection process
Negotiate contract
Act as liaison with site and sponsor
Provide master schedules and staging guides
Arrange lodging accommodations for participants and VIPs
Determine meal plan compatible with budget
Organize audio-visual requirements and technicians
Manage poster session and/or exhibitor sessions
Large or small 
Conference and Event Management

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