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Erbil Book Fair 2024 Iraq

Erbil Book Fair 2024 Iraq
Erbil International Book Fair
Date:  Probably April 2024
Venue:  Erbil International Fairground, Iraq


The book fair in Erbil is not just another aspect of the Renaissance movement that took years ago to redefine the features of the city and all the bright spaces in the Kurdistan region and devote its identity, but rather interferes with the process of revival that spreads from one field to another and in all directions to devote new values commensurate with the spirit The era and its requirements and the expansion of the areas of progress and modernization carried out by the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq.

The book, like all other means of culture, occupies a leading position within the framework of what the government, civil society organizations and other political, economic and social activities aim to achieve, and in this direction the role of the book fair is determined by transcending traditional formulas that have negatively affected this free cultural demonstration, which was in its beginnings a tool To spread the cultural values, carrying cultural and appropriate concerns open to the free exchange of news and views and deepening them through participation and interaction, and in this context it is far from being just a market for the exchange of books and trade in it.

Safe Kurdistan, within the framework of the new Iraq, embraces the book fair as a free cultural oasis, from which it moves to other parts of the country, to clarify what it carries again in the world of thought, culture and science, and to lay solid foundations in its fields for its transfer and enable other centers in the country to create appropriate structures for it Pending security and stability.

The Erbil International Book Fair, at its fifteenth session, Rather, it is an attempt and contribution to present a new form with contemporary content for the book exhibition, in which it is confirmed that culture is the basis for any development and revival, and the exhibition as it is held in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region - Iraq, will assess the participants response, and will work to make their participation gain meaning beyond the circulation of their products and their status At the disposal of readers, research institutions, scholars, universities and culture houses, this exhibition will acquire its unique characteristics from other activities that open up to all forms of culture, arts, sciences and thought.

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