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IRAQ Build Show 2024

IRAQ Build Show 2024
International Building & Construction Materials Exhibition
Date:  Probably September 2024
Venue:  Baghdad International Fairground


About Iraq Build Show IRAQ BUILD SHOW,
the one international construction show in Iraq, with the support of the Iraqi Ministry of construction and housing and also the Ministry of trade and industry , succeeds in gathering all the constituents of international and Iraqi construction companies under one roof.

The distinguished event will be held September 2024 in Baghdad International Fairground

Iraq has historically occupied a pivotal position in the Persian Gulf and Middle East region. It has strategically important ports and airports and can prove to be a cost-effective trading and distribution location.

Iraq’s strategic position, availability of people and competitive cost base make it an excellent location from which to export to the region and to the world. However, given that the majority of goods sold now in Iraq are imported, Iraq’s domestic market of 36 million people offers an obvious opportunity to produce and sell goods and service to provide import substitution.

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