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FEINDEF 2025 Madrid Spain

FEINDEF 2025 Madrid Spain
International Defence and Security Exhibition
Date:  Probably May 2025
Venue:  Madrid, Spain


Spanish Defence sector is nowadays a worldwide referent in multiple technological developments. FEINDEF is an instrument for the international promotion to a complex and complete business network trigger of R&D and innovation in Spain, as well as to multinational companies and foreign SMEs interested on Spanish market.
Spain, besides the rest of European Union countries, strengthens its business muscle as key element to ensure the Security in our societies.
FEINDEF uses the European Defence Action Plan – EDAP, of European Defence Agency (EDA), as a launch opportunity in the way to strengthening of the European Defence Industry and the own supply chains, favouring the technological self-sufficiency and independence of the Member States.
FEINDEF is promoted by and the industry associations TEDAE (Association for Defence, Association for Defence, Aeronautical and Space Technologies) and AESMIDE (Association of Contractors with Public Administration) and supported by Spanish Defence Ministry granting the maximum support to this essential professional meeting of the Defence sector.

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