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Build Your House 2024 Qatar

Build Your House 2024 Qatar
Date:  13 - 16 May 2024
Venue:  National Convention Centre, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar


Ibni Baitak is a new format exhibition dedicated to cater the construction, fitout and renovation needs of Qatari nationals who are the major individual builders in the state of Qatar.

The second edition of Build Your House will build on the immense success of the inaugural edition, the first-of-its-kind exhibition in Qatar that served as a conduit between various segments of the house-building industry with Qatari nationals. BYH 2024 received the patronage and unwavering support from various Ministries and government bodies; exhibition space fully booked; both visitors and exhibitors registered high rates of satisfaction levels; an estimated value of deals worth 400Million Qatari Riyal was generated.

Event Vision Build Your House will engage Qataris on many important topics related to the construction of their homes. These include information on building the house, how to choose the appropriate design, and criteria for selecting the consultant and contractor, and all the details of the implementation stages.

The exhibition will act as an awareness campaign which will be very useful to explain the challenges that can face the individual during the stage of building the house and how to avoid them. In addition to the appropriate choice of consultant and contractor and the mechanisms and conditions of obtaining the licenses and loans.

Number of visit : 5,612

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