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Medlab Expo 2024 Saudi Arabia

Medlab Expo 2024 Saudi Arabia
The 4th Saudi International Medlab Expo
Date: 28 - 30 October 2024
Venue:  Riyadh Int'l Convention & Exhibition Center, Saudi Arabia


The latest invention & development in Laboratory Technology and & Clinical Industry.
The 4th SAUDI INTERNATIONAL MEDLAB EXPO 2024 gives its participants the opportunity to explore the latest industry trends from all over the globe.
Exhibiting at “ The 4th Saudi International MEDLAB Expo 2024” would secure your quantitative investment as an exhibitor which will enable you to:

- Highlighting your brand.
- Direct communication with suppliers.
- Identify the local and global market needs.
- Holding agreements with the participating parties.
- Explore new business and investment opportunities.
- Meeting businessmen and investors in the health sector.
- Promotion through the media and social media platforms.
- Learn about the latest technology and advanced technology.
- Communicate with government agencies and health authorities.
- Marketing and offering products and services to target customers.
- Exchange experiences and expertise with the participating parties.
- Communicate with the most important local and international companies.
- Presentation of the company's products in the best platform that is specialized in the manufacture and marketing of medicine.
Number of visit : 4,809

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