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SNSR 2024 Saudi Arabia​

SNSR 2024 Saudi Arabia​
Sensor Networks Conferences in Saudi Arabia
Date:  Probably November 2024
Venue:  RICEC, Saudi Arabia


In partnership with the Saudi Ministry of Interior, SNSR Expo is held under the theme of “shaping the future of national security & risk prevention” with the aim of bringing together international businesses with the Saudi Government. The event will showcase innovation, facilitate discussions and best practice exchanges to forge partnerships and business collaborations between these entities.

SNSR National Security Community:
The SNSR National Security Community is the essential platform for the Saudi government and the private sector to discuss pressing national security topics. Connecting government leaders and influencers with international industry experts in Policing, Counter Terror, Emergency Preparedness, Border Security and Smart Safe Cities improves the community experience and ensures a swift implementation of actions to address national security concerns.

Focus areas in 2019:
- Policing
- Counter Terror
- Emergency Preparedness
- Border Security
- Smart Safe Cities
Number of visit : 6,367

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