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Medex 2024 Tehran Iran

Medex 2024 Tehran Iran
Date:  Probably July 2024
Venue:  Tehran Int'l Permanent Fairground, Iran 


Medex (Woodworking Events Worldwide) Union of Manufacturers and Exporters of Furniture in Iran with a history of more than thirty days of Wood and Furniture Industry Exhibitions in Germany) The most prestigious international event at LIGNA Deutsche Messe Germany, owner of the Hannover exhibition site and organizer of the Wood, Forest, Furniture and Furniture Industry Exhibition (In line with its common policies on strengthening and developing the country's wood and furniture industry, with the support of the joint-stock company of Tehran's international exhibitions and the Iranian Trade Development Organization, is determined to turn the exhibition into a regional hub of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Naturally, the realization of this event, which will be accompanied by a valuable presence of the owners of knowledge and technology from all over the world, will also provide a unique opportunity to export Iranian wood and furniture industry products to export-oriented markets.

In the process of holding this exhibition, the acceptance and registration of foreign participants by the German side and the acceptance and registration of Iranian contributors will be carried out by Fipco Corporation. At the same time, respectable partners, who are the official representative of foreign companies, can coordinate their registration processes through Fipco, in coordination with the parent company.

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