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KICHENEX 2018 ,Exhibition Equipment Kitchens, Restaurant,Tehran

KICHENEX 2018 ,Exhibition Equipment Kitchens, Restaurant,Tehran
Date:  28-31 December 2018
Venue:  Shahre Aftab International Exhibition Center , Iran ,Tehran

KICHENEX 2017 ,Exhibition Equipment of Industrial Kitchens, Restaurant, Fast Foods Hotels ,Tehran

The International Specialized Exhibition of “Industrial Kitchens, Fast Foods”&” Hotels & Related Industries”

 About Exhibition : 

Industrial Kitchen is the center of a hotel construction, giving the information that hotel industry is the biggest service section in tourism industry. Hotel has 2 important pillars of tourism industry: 1) Accommodation 2) Food and Drink And the source of this service is being produced in the hotel's kitchen, where they have the duty to produce the hotel's food and by producing, layout, preparation and managing the expenses of served food, that has the main effect on a hotel's profitability and the guest satisfaction. Also, these two exhibitions have the same exhibitors and visitors, which is an important fact and causes synergies in the exhibition. Including: 1) Design and decoration 2) Cooling equipment 3) Heating equipment 4) Ventilation equipment 5) Health equipment 6) Furniture and... Considering the 20 billion dollar turnover of food industries in year, In Iran and its importance in Society's health, this international event with the entrance of new technology can make the progress and growth of this industry easier.. According to the country's huge programs, we can guess that the country's need for tourism equipment and restaurant in the next few years will be increased. Exporoad offering Turnkey exhibition stand construction & services,and event managing 


General View of Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibition (Venue)

International Exhibition of Shahr-e-Aftab would be welcomed all the visitors from all around the world. This complex is an urban landmark which contains global trade center, hotels, public park and central square. Historical background of Islamic and Iranian architecture has an essential role on construction of the complex. Traditional forms are expressed by means of modern art. This harmony will be made a successful future. The Visible façade and also attractive perspective of the complex which are appeared from long distance of area will be cause to attract all the visitors. we offering Turnkey exhibition stand construction & services,and event managing  in this show ,

Exporoad is  stand contractor in this show .

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