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Electro Expo Mashad 2018

Electro Expo Mashad 2018
Date:  10-13 July 2018
Venue:  Mashhad Expo, Mashhad, Iran

International Specialized Exhibition of Electricity, Electronic, Equipment & Related Industry

Electrical power is considered as one of the main essentials to develop a society and  world without power is so dark and fixed. Electrical power is known as one the cleanest and valuable energies. After invention of electricity and during long changes over the years, now new technologies have been used in producing, transferring and using it. Nowadays %25 of electricity in Europe is produced through nuclear, solar… plants.

In this regard, Iran has experienced many changes since last 30 years toward evolution of electrical power. Since many scientific centers, huge sources of producing electrical power like: combine cycle power plant, steam power plant and different dams and also %25 of industrial units are located in Khorassan Razavi, this province plays an important role in world of power and related equipments. This event showcases product from Cables & Wires, Electronics & Electrical Goods, Power & Energy industries. Main fileds of activity, Electricity, Industrial automation, Switchgear and transformers, Wire and cables, Lighting, Switches & sockets, Engineering services and many more. Exporoad offering Turnkey exhibition stand construction & services,and event managing 

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