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Tehran Auto Show 2018 ,Tehran ,Iran

Tehran Auto Show 2018 ,Tehran ,Iran
Date:  Probably 2018
Venue:  Tehran Int'l Permanent Fairground, Iran 


7th International Exhibition of Automobile (Iran Auto Show 2018)
The 7th International Exhibition of Automobile (Iran Auto Show 2018) is an influential automobile show that displays the latest modern passenger and commercial cars and other motor vehicles from around the world in the region’s largest market. Iran auto show is a specialized automobile exhibition with the presence of foreign and domestic car manufacturers along with various entertaining programs such as: Test Drive, Ramadan Ceremony and "Iftar Ba Ma" which is great opportunity to create a different experience in a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Iran Auto Show was organized for over 6 times more than a decade ago but it was stopped by the government and mayor due to its traffic and huge number of visitor, the management of Exhibition industry in Iran have decided to re-organize this show in Ramadan month which will have less traffic, hence The 7th International Exhibition of Automobile will be held from 19th to 24th May 2018.

There is no limit for the inspiration, passion and vision that you will experience. From family cars to sport cars, from economic cars to luxury cars, from classic cars to special cars, and last but certainly not least Hybrid cars and flying cars.

Number of visit : 3,178

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