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SPORTEX 2024 Tehran Iran

SPORTEX 2024 Tehran Iran
Date:  28 - 31 May 2024
Venue:  Tehran, Iran


Sportex (Sports, Sporting Goods & Equipment) Iran will be a premiere show, where the exhibitors will showcase sport and various types of sport equipments. The visitors of the show will be able to acquire a lot of information about different types of sports. The show, which will be held in its eleventh edition, will be organized by Dorsa Tejarat Maad Co. Ltd.

The show is scheduled to be held over a period of four days. The place, where the show will be held is Tehran. The exhibitors of the Iranian event will be able to market their products such as equipments and materials required for sports infrastructure, biking equipments etc. Sportex Iran will be a spectacular show, where the exhibitors will be able to network among the visitors efficiently.

The visitors will be able to buy the products of the show.

Number of visit : 4,949

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