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4th Pakplas 2018, Largest Gathering of Plastic Industries

4th Pakplas 2018, Largest Gathering of Plastic Industries
Date:  16 - 18 March 2018
Venue:  Lahore Expo & Convention Center, Pakistan


About the PAKPLAS2018 Show
Moderate population, changing lifestyles & increasing middle class spending, export of plastics finished goods, high growth prospects, significant independence on imported raw materials and processing machineries are all favourable indicators of great opportunities for doing business in PAKISTAN. PAKPLAS2018 is the leading international trade fair dedicated towards plastic machinery, components, raw materials and chemicals. The fair presents products and services, technologies and innovations and future trends and markets for trade. It is an international meeting place for worldwide suppliers and regional manufacturers.

PAKPLAS2018 is expected to attract more exhibitors, visitors, and international attendance compared with the previous years exhibition. As the show will be held at the Lahore International Expo Centre, PAKPLAS2018 will be a much bigger show held over a much larger area. This increase in the scale of the event will convey a strong message about the prominence of the show in the plastic industry markets, providing an essential forum for established key players as well as new companies targeting the Middle East & the ever-growing worldwide markets.

PAKPLAS2018 offers exhibitors a variety of lucrative advantages enabling them to:

Conclude sales and distribution agreements.
Meet new partners and potential buyers.
Keep ahead of competitors.
Network with peers during the day and at the evening social functions.
Listen to experts on the up-to-date issues affecting the industry.
Learn ways to become more efficient and profitable.
The PAKPLAS2018 Exhibition will be a congregation of global corporations and brands, and will present rewarding commercial prospects for the visionary entrepreneur and relevant stakeholders. It will be an excellent platform to uncover and establish new business opportunities. This event will allow visitors to witness the high growth rate in the plastics industry in Pakistan.

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