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Kish Jewelry Exhibition 2018,Kish Island, Iran

Kish Jewelry Exhibition 2018,Kish Island, Iran
Date:  11-15 November 2018
Venue:  International Kish Exhibition, Kish Island, Iran


The 3rd Exhibition of gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones, watches and related industries.

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Golden Opportunity for competition in Production, Marketing and Sales In the 4rd international Exhibition of Gold, Jewels, Silver Products, Watch, Gemstone and Semi-Precious Stone and related Industries in Kish. Undoubtedly, International Specialized Exhibitions is one of the proper approaches to introduce modern and advanced technologies in different  scientific, industrial, commercial and investment fields for obtaining optimum proper application and reach the development.

The 4rd international exhibition of gold, jewels, silver products, watch, gemstone and semi-precious stone and affiliated industries in Kish, will be developed in Kish international exhibition center supported by Kish Free Zone Organization and Importers and Exporters Union of Iran Gold, Jewel, Silver, watch and Gemstones and its objective is to prepare golden opportunity for competition in production, marketing and sales.

Respecting to Iran's potential and portion in export part of global markets, easy trade in Kish Island as the most active free zone, plus different airlines inside and outside Iran, tourism attractions and relevant conferences and training workshops, all provide a desirable opportunity for attendance and  presence of such industries potential.

Therefore, this is to invite all applicants and active parts of this industry to participate in this important event to enrich it as well as benefiting from such favorable and specialized opportunity correctly.

Number of visit : 3,669

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