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SMAP Expo 2023 Dhabi UAE

SMAP Expo 2023 Dhabi UAE
The Moroccan Real Estate and Lifestyle Show in Dubaï
Date:  Probably May 2023
Venue:  Abu Dhabi, UAE


For more than sixteen years, SMAP GROUP has been a privileged link for meetings outside the Kingdom, aiming at contributing to the Moroccan’s influence and expansion in France and in Europe. By organizing events gathering tens of thousands of people, SMAP GROUP participates to the development of ever-growing exchanges between Morocco and the European Union, further strengthened by Morocco’s partners, and particularly by the 5.2-million Moroccan diaspora community, in addition to the support from the media and the press.
Undisputed leader of events technology in Morocco, SMAP GROUP has gradually lead its development establishing its expertise around two poles of competence which represent two rapidly growing fields fulfilling a considerable need:

— Cultural, economic and commercial meetings;
— Promoting the Moroccan real-estate sector.

SMAP GROUP has created “SMAP EXPO” and “SMAP IMMO”. Two basic, innovative and uniting concepts for important gatherings and which instant success has been witnessed by exhibitors, visitors and media people alike:

— SMAP EXPO, flagship event helping to bring together the Moroccan diaspora and their friends since 1997 in Paris by showcasing the rich variety of vital sectors of the Kingdom (economy, real-estate, tourism, culture, art of living…). Since 2009, SMAP EXPO acts abroad in the major European cities: Barcelona, Marseille, Brussels, Milano and Amsterdam.

Renewed year after year, SMAP GROUP’s success is based on a constant commitment towards quality, both on the level of design and execution: along with its network of partners in the institutional, private and public sectors, SMAP GROUP has defined its permanent priorities around the public’s information and comfort, welcoming the exhibitors, and the efficiency of the relationships with the media. Therefore, more than ever before, its main objective remains the creation of exceptional events in prestigious locations.
Number of visit : 7,424

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