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Date: 24 - 27 April 2018
Venue: Tehran International permanent Fairground, Tehran, Iran


Building on the success of its second edition that was held in 2016, Project Iran firmly established itself as a premier international platform for to open gates for International business to Iran’s construction sector. Project Iran 2018, The 3rd International Trade Exhibition for Construction Materials, Equipment and Technology, will be held at the Tehran Permanent Fairground to once again connect international expertise to the Iranian market, and contribute in shaping the tremendous potential of the country’s promising construction sector.

Connecting World Expertise to the Iranian Market

With international interest on the rise, the event will bring thousands of leading manufacturers, exporters from all over the world, industry professionals, to share a common vision and shape what will become the next regional economic giant, while at the same time offering them a guaranteed access to Iran’s multibillion dollar construction market. arnessing the growing international interest in Iran’s construction industry as one of its biggest and most lucrative sectors, Project Iran is the country’s only multi-national construction trade exhibition providing direct access to carefully selected buyers with immense needs for modern solutions and technology.Guaranteeing access to Iran’s multibillion dollar construction market, Project Iran will welcome thousands of international leading manufacturers, exporters, and industry leaders who will share their common vision to shape what is becoming the next regional economic giant.



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