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STEELFAB 2019, Sharjah, UAE

STEELFAB 2019, Sharjah, UAE
Date:  14-17 January 2019
Venue:  Sharjah Expo Centre  ,Sharjah, UAE  


SteelFab, the region’s premier metal working, metal manufacturing and steel fabrication trade show, has succeeded in taking advantage of a growing economy and the euphoria surrounding the winning bid to host the World Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

 So it came as no surprise when SteelFab achieved phenomenal growth, adding 50 per cent more exhibition space to accommodate a 25 per cent rise in the number of exhibitors.The increase in visitor turnout too saw a significant surge of 25 per cent, an unprecedented rise in the 10-year history of SteelFab.

This overall growth is seen as a clear indication of a booming market, and SteelFab is offering you an opportunity to be part of this exciting growth story.STEELFAB - The regional show for the Metal Working, Metal Manufacturing & Steel Fabrication exhibition in the Middle East. Heading into its 10th successful edition, Steel Fab caters to the complete requirements of the region's steel working industry. The event displays the A-Z requirements of the Steel Industry Which includes the entire range of Machinery like Laser Machines, Punching Machines, Plasma Cutting, WaterJet, Press Breaks, CNC machines, Machine Tools, Welding Equipment and more. Steelfab has not only proven to bring in the steel industrial professions under one roof from the UAE but also made its name in the neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, India and more.if you need any stand design services please contact us Exporoad as contractor.  


SteelFab has firmly established its place as the most dynamic and dependable platform for the regional steel fabrication.


Expanding manufacturing & production facilities, demand for machine tools are growing in the region.


In the region, the oil & gas sector and power & water desalination industry are supporting the industry.


Growing use of cladded & wear resistant material industries has increased the local production of hardfaced & wear-resistant materials. 


Resilience has been the hallmark of SteelFab, the definitive trade exhibition for steel fabrication, metal working and metal manufacturing industry of the region.

The ups and downs of the economy have left SteelFab untouched and its growth curve has never seen a drop right from its inception over a decade ago through the troubled times of 2008 and the current oil slump.

Commendably, SteelFab has succeeded in breaking new ground with every edition, finding new areas to grow, expanding geographical footprint, and consistently bring

Number of visit : 7,776

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