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SWF 2024 Saudi Arabia

SWF 2024 Saudi Arabia
SAUDI WATER FORUM Regarding Water Security & Sustainability
Date:  Probably March 2024
Venue:  Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Water security and sustainability are one of the most important and main concerns that are being examined and discussed internationally. It is considered as one of the main challenges facing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to the scarcity of water resources and rapid population growth which creates an increasing and accelerating demand for water. Moreover, the economic development taking place in the Kingdom along with the high standard of living contribute to the increase of demand and indicate how important it is inspite the limitation of resources.

Given the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture Deputy-Ministry of Water’s role in conducting studies, managing researches and setting up strategies to resolve such challenges, the Saudi Water Forum was adopted. Due to the massive achievements of the 2019 edition of the forum, its recognition from the Saudi Council of Ministers along with high-level international entities, organizations and personalities, the Ministry aims to organize the Saudi Water Forum 2024, creating a meeting platform between water-field leaders, experts and all key stakeholders with aims of achieving the Kingdom’s vision (2030). SWF 2024 will include developers, investors, researchers and scientists in the water industry and all relevant stakeholders including the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA), Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), National Water Company (NWC), Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) and the Saudi Irrigation Organization, in addition to many other local and international non-water industry partners. The contributing parties will exchange their expertise and successful practices and strategies in order to find the best solutions for water industry’s challenges and developing water projects that meet the Kingdom’s needs. Moreover, SWF 2024 offers various investment opportunities to develop this vital industry and aims at encouraging the private sector, locally and internationally, to contribute to this development.

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