5 Good Reasons why you should Exhibit

If you’ve ever been to an exhibition you know that an exhibition hall can be an exciting place. You have instant access to new companies, new people, new technologies, new ideas and new trends.
This makes exhibitions one of the most effective mediums for establishing and maintaining customer relations. In an 
increasingly digital age, they are the only media where buyer, seller and product physically come 
together - a potent force for business.
Five reasons why you should consider exhibiting;

1-Highly targeted Audience
When you consider how specialised your audience at an exhibition is they are highly cost-effective sales 
and marketing platforms. It is relatively easy to make new business contacts you may not otherwise find. 
The needs of buyers and supplier are both satisfied under one roof.

2-An Instant two-way communication process
Unlike printed marketing material such as brochures, exhibitions provide a two-way communication 
process. Both sellers and buyers can seek and give out information. Business is conducted face to face - 
the most persuasive form of selling, and of building customer relationships.
3-The buyer comes to you
Where else do you find a marketing platform where your potential customers actually seek you out to 
ask questions? They make a conscious decision to attend, and set aside valuable time to do so. Any may 
be leads you would not have identified otherwise.
4-An Interactive environment
Other means of marketing rely on capturing your prospective customers attention through words and 
pictures, at an exhibition your customers can see, taste, touch and try your product for themselves. The 
impact of a live demonstration can be very powerful.

5-Fast market penetration
Not only are your visitors highly specialized in your field, there are also a lot of them under one roof. 
You can reach a large proportion of the market in a short space of time. Whether you are there to raise 
your company profile, generate new sales leads or introduce new products, unlike an expensive mail out 
campaign, you can target a large proportion of your market directly.

Individually, the benefits listed are not unique to exhibitions but what is unusual is their combination in a 
single, highly flexible promotional tool. Exhibitions combine the mass-reach of advertising, the targeting 
of direct mail, the persuasive power of face-to-face selling, and the networking benefits of the Internet, 
to create a unique environment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be 

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