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IMC Live 2023 Saudi Arabia

IMC Live 2023 Saudi Arabia
Conference at International Medical Center
Date:  Probably July 2023
Venue:  Elaf Galleria Hotel, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


The organizing committee take the decision to postpone once again the IMC LIVE course, which was to be held on March 16th and 17th.

Due to new restrictions related to many different factors, the quality of the event would have been strongly affected and the presence of Middle East CTO PCI community in Jeddah not representative, as only very few countries are allowed to come into Saudi Arabia.

For this reason, the organizing committee has decided that IMC LIVE will be held on July 29th and 30th 2023, so that everyone from all Middle East countries will be able to join us in Jeddah and to attend the course.

This course has gathered the Middle East CTO PCI community around 1 only focus: live cases transmission, experienced hands will be working simultaneously performing Live selected CTO PCI. Participants & KOLs from different countries share their experience with the new generation of Middle East interventionists on CTO PCI, with updated techniques, tools and devices, as well as recent multicenter trials, to improve procedural success rate. In a consequently manner, more patients with complex lesions will be successfully treated, more CTO PCI will be performed.

For its 10th anniversary, and to celebrate the way out from COVID-19 period, IMC LIVE is doing things big! To allow a maximum of attendees to participate in person, we have decided to offer the registration fee this year.

So come and meet us in Saudi, our experts will be waiting for you there as well as connected from all over the world from their Cath lab! We look forward to seeing you in Jeddah in July 2023!

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