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Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition 2024 Italy

Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition 2024 Italy
3rd Edition of International Conference
Date:  19 - 21 September 2024
Venue:  Rome, Italy


About IOGP 2024 | Hybrid Event

Dive into the world of knowledge at the "3rd Edition of International Conference on Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Engineering" – a Hybrid Event scheduled for September 19-21, 2024, in the enchanting city of Rome, Italy. This unique hybrid event offers the flexibility to engage either in person in Rome or virtually from the convenience of your home or workplace.

Themed "Future Trends in Oil Refining: Meeting Energy Demands," the conference promises to shed light on the latest trends and innovations in the dynamic field of oil, gas, and petroleum engineering, bringing together experts from both industry and academia.

The world's economic growth is intricately tied to energy demand, where oil and gas have been vital lifelines for over a century. Anticipating a surge in demand for oil and gas as primary energy sources, the conference serves as a platform for exploring this evolving landscape. While the industry has made strides in areas like social responsibility, safety, and environmental preservation, challenges persist. Addressing these challenges involves tackling cost reduction, optimizing industrial asset performance, and minimizing environmental impact against a backdrop of global demand fluctuations and stringent regulations.

Join us at IOGP 2024, a global congress designed to facilitate learning from cutting-edge research, engaging with industry experts, and fostering valuable networking opportunities with colleagues worldwide. The conference is set to stimulate innovative ideas and concepts in the oil, gas, and petroleum engineering sector, striving towards sustainable development.

We eagerly anticipate your participation in this transformative event that promises to be a hub of insights, collaboration, and advancements in the oil, gas, and petroleum engineering landscape.

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